Wednesday, 25 April 2018

2018 Tea Cosy Competition 

Please support us in our quest to 'Craft a Cure for Cancer'.
When you donate a tea cosy, soft toy, or other small handmade item, 100% of the sale price goes to the Cancer Council.

Themes for 2018.

We divide the donations into themed groupings; you're free to make any pattern that you wish; but when we display the craft work, we'll group things into themes as much as possible.
This year, our groupings will be:
  • 'International'....something that is iconic in its home country; for example, for the U.K., it could be Big Ben, or the Queen's corgis. For the U.S.A., it could be Donald Trump. 
  • 'Grandma's Kitchen' ..tea cosies or toys that are knitted or crocheted foods. 
  • 'Pets'...handcrafted toys or tea cosies featuring pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, horses, or other pets..
  • 'Flowers'...always a popular theme in our display. Tea cosies decorated with flowers; or knitted or crocheted flowers, in knitted or crocheted pots.
  • 'Australiana'...iconic Australian items...always popular with the tourists that come through the exhibition...kookaburras, koalas, kangaroos, Sydney Harbour Bridge...etc. Beanies and toys are usually more attractive to tourists; not many are into tea cosies.
  • 'Toys'...knitted or crocheted..
  • 'Vintage'...made from the really old patterns.
  • 'Behind Closed Doors'...Every year, there are some tea cosies that elicit a lot of mirth. Quite accidentally, they turn out to be a little risqué. If you make something that is innocently a little 'R' rated, we'll put it in this category.
Please scroll down for more details about how to enter the 2018 Tea Cosy Competition.

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