Friday, 15 August 2014

Hi Everyone,
The raffle prize was a handmade quilt, featuring appliqued and embroidered teapots. It was won by Jasna Dolic of Noble Park, who purchased her ticket at the Mulgrave Makers Market; congratulations to Jasna; we hope you enjoy it. A big thank you to the ladies who donated materials, and their time and expertise, in crafting the quilt; Veronique, Peta, Shirley, Maxine, Sally.
Orchards Cafe, in Hopetoun Rd, Park Orchards, continues to display and sell the tea cosies for the fundraiser. Thanks to Cheryl and Soren. They seem to manage to sell a couple of cosies every week; at that rate, they’ll all be sold before next year’s event.
I currently have another $45 to add to the total.
Check out our fundraising total any time at
I’ve booked the dates for the tea cosy display for next year, to be held at the Warratina Lavender Farm again. It will run for 2 weeks, the second week of the July school holidays, and the first week of school term. That will be from 4th to 19th July, 2015. I hope to see you all there again next year.
As previously mentioned, next year, we’ll include a section for small soft toys; no bigger than a teapot!
During the display in July, a lot of overseas tourists came through, predominantly from Asia. They checked out the tea cosies with interest, but tea cosies are not big in Asia as far as I know. We might be able to sell soft toys to them more easily. But that’s not the only reason; a lot of people indicated interest in expanding the competition to include more why not??!!!
I’m already looking forward to seeing all the lovely tea cosies and soft toys.
Thanks to you all for your support,

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