Thursday, 1 May 2014

I've been working on some patterns for crochet tea cosies; nearly finished writing up the instructions!

There's been a great suggestion for the Tea Cosy Competition entries.....many tea cosies that are being made for the fund raiser have a story behind them.....what we'd like you to do if you do have a story, is to cut out a 5cm square of card paper, write your (brief) story, or poem, and attach it to your cosy.
The person who buys the cosy will then know the story behind it.
For example, the Oliver Cat cosy is special to me; because it's made to look like my daughter's cat; she died of breast cancer five years ago; now her cat (who is alive and well, and lives with me) can help with fund raising....I'll have to phrase that a bit better and write on a card. Will post a photo.

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